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Whale Oil
Phone 1: 09 889 8355 Phone 2:
Skype: Fax: 09 355 0319
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Town / City: Auckland
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Town / City: Auckland
Prov / State: Auckland
Country: New Zealand
1. 51 Government.
Keywords:Whale Oil Beef Hooked is the personal blog of Cameron Slater. I set it up in July 2005 after several months of getting addicted to reading other blogs and finding their commentary boring. Prior to blogging, I used to shout at the television news and rant at talkshow hosts. I have had a political pedigree since I was in nappies.

I blog on any issue or thing I find interesting. This is mostly politics, but also quite a bit on technology and firearms. Theres a reasonable amount of personal stuff also, photos of places I have been, food or movie reviews, or just anything I want to share. If you dont like what I have to say then dont read the blog, I wont be shedding any tears if you dont.