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Phone 1: +64 9 360 2646 Phone 2: +64 21 841 158
Skype: Fax: +64 9 360 5246
Street Address:
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48 Ponsonby Road
Suburb: Ponsonby
Town / City: Auckland
Postal Address:
PO Box 91 166
Postcode: 1030
Town / City: Auckland
Prov / State: Auckland
Country: New Zealand
1. 31 Business + Admin.
2. 07 Communication.
Keywords:About us What we believe
Work is a bad word to describe what we do
Client is a bad word to describe who we work with
We care for our client's business as much as we care for
our own
Sales are more important than awards
Brands are about how others see you not how you see yourself
Design is only great if it makes a connection
Creativity and effectiveness are not mutually exclusive
Everything is your brand - from company voicemail to a
poster on the wall
A great idea can come from anyone - client included
Client's money is real money not Monopoly money and should be treated as such