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i2i Insurance Brokers
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Town / City: Wellington
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PO Box 22 005
Town / City: Wellington
Prov / State: Wellington
Country: New Zealand
1. 33 Insurance.
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We aren't the cardigan wearing, roman sandal and long sock persona, nor are we all over you like a rash trying to sell you something.

It's all about communication. Sounds like a relationship counsellor's tag line but it's true. We need a 'couch session' with you to get to know your business and for you to get to know us so you'll trust us to do right by you. And while we'd like to think we're great at what we do, we can't read minds so we rely on you to tell us about your business and what you want out of this relationship because getting down to the nuts and bolts of your business allows us to negotiate the best possible outcome for you, and the insurers appreciate it...for them theres no guess work in calculating your premiums. Plus, full disclosure reduces the chance of contentious claims.