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TR Industries, Christchurch
Phone 1: 03 338 0000 Phone 2:
Skype: Fax: 03 338 0012
Street Address:
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42 Hands Rd
Postcode: 8024
Suburb: Middleton
Town / City: Christchurch
Postal Address:
PO Box 242
Postcode: 3440
Town / City: Christchurch
Prov / State: Canterbury
Country: New Zealand
1. 12 Electrical+Electronic.
2. 43 Sales to Trade.
Keywords:TR industries is the distributor for WEG products in New Zealand.
WEG as one of the largest global manufacturers of Electric Motors has a wide range of products to suit your needs. Electric motors are available in single phase and three phase squirrel type or slip ring.
Electric motors are available with outputs ranging from 0.09 Kw to 22000 Kw and voltages from 110 Volts up to 13800 Volts.WEG facilities consist of the most modern plants and equipment. WEG is the only manufacturer to produce all components in house and ensure quality is consistent throughout each process.