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Machinery House
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Unit D, 38 Highbrook Dr
Postcode: 2013
Suburb: East Tamaki
Town / City: Auckland
Postal Address:
PO Box 276079,
Manukau City
Postcode: 2241
Town / City: Auckland
Prov / State: Auckland
Country: New Zealand
1. 43 Sales to Trade.
2. 04 Industry+Manufacture.
Keywords:Band Saws & Accessories
Horizontal Metal Band Saws
Metal Band Saw Blades
Vertical Metal Band Saws
Buffing Machines
Buffing Machine
Cold Saws & Accessories
Cold Saw Blades
Cold Saws (Ferrous)
Cold Saws - Coolant Pumps
Cold Saws Stands
Drilling Machines
Belt Drive Drilling Machines
Geared Head Drilling Machines
Magnetic Base Drilling Machines
Radial Arm Drilling Machines
Grinding Machines & Accessories
Buffing Kit
Buffing Mops
Buffing Soaps
Buffing Tapered spindles
D-Bit Grinders
Diamond Wheels
Drill Sharpening Accessories
Drill Sharpening Grinders
Grinder Stands
Grinders - Bench & Pedestal
Grinding Wheels
Magnetic Chucks
Punch Formers
Surface Grinders
Tool & Cutter Grinder Accessories
Tool & Cutter Grinders
Wheel Dressers
Wire Wheels
Lathe Machines
Bench Lathes
Centre Lathes
Lathe & Mill-Drill Combination
Linishing Machines & Accessories
Cleaning Stick - Belt & Disc
Linishing Attachments
Linishing Belts
Sanding Discs Velcro Backed
Milling Machines
Mill Drill Milling Machines
Turret Milling Machines
Universal Bed Milling Machines
Slotting Machines
Slotting Machines
Welding Equipment & Accessories
Earth Clamps
Electrode Holders
Fume Extractor
MIG Welders
MIG Welding Wire
MIG-TIG-MMA-Multi-Function Welders
Oxy Kits
Plasma Cutters
Spot Welder - Portable
TIG Torches
TIG Welders - AC/DC
TIG Welders - DC
TIG Welding Rods
Welding Helmet Accessories
Welding Helmets
Welding Kit - Combo Packs
Welding Regulators

Benders - Plate, Bar, Pipe & Tube
Bar Benders
Horizontal Benders - Bulldozer
Horizontal Benders - Bulldozer Attachments
Pipe & Tube Bender Accessories
Pipe & Tube Benders- Electric
Pipe Benders - Manual
Tube Benders - Electric- Hydraulic
Tube Benders - Manual
Combination Pressbrake, Guillotine & Rolls
Combination Pressbrake, Guillotine & Rolls
English Wheeling Machine
English Wheeling Machine
Hydraulic Guillotines
Manual Guillotines
Mechanical/Motorised Guillotines
Hand Punches & Accessories
Hand Punch
Hand Punch - Punch & Dies
Hydraulic Chassis Punch Set
Hand Shears
Hand Shears
Metal Shaping Tools
T Dollies
Notchers & Accessories
Notcher - Accessories
Pipe Notchers
Sheet Metal Notchers
Hydraulic Panbrakes
Magnetic Panbrakes
Manual Panbrakes
Planishing Hammer
Planishing Hammer
Pressbrakes - Metalmaster
Pressbrakes - Tooling
Punch & Shears & Accessories
Hydraulic Punch & Shears
Pressbrake Bending Attachments
Punch & Dies
Punching Machines
Punching Machines
Rolling Machines
Manual Sheet Metal Curving Rolls
Motorised Plate Curving Rolls
Section & Pipe Rolling Machines
Section & Pipe Rolling Machines
Section & Pipe Rolls - Accessories
Shrinker Stretcher
Shrinker Stretcher
Swage & Jennys
Swage & Jennys
Vice Pressbrake Bender
Vice Pressbrake Bender

Band Saws & Accessories
Wood Band Saw
Wood Band Saw - Blades
Chisel Mortisers & Accessories
Chisel Mortiser Bit Set
Chisel Mortisers
Mortiser Attachment
Dust Collectors & Accessories
Air Filtration Units
Dust Collector Accessories
Dust Collectors - Wood
Dust Collectors - Wood or Metal
Filter Cartridge
Mitre Saws & Accessories
Compound Mitre Saw Stand
Planer Jointer
Planer Jointer
Planer Jointer Blades
Planer Thicknesser
Planer Thicknesser
Planer Thicknesser Attachment
Router Tables
Bench Top Routers
Sliding Router Table
Sanders, Linishers & Accessories
Belt & Disc Linisher Sander
Belt Sanders
Bobbin Sander Sleeves
Bobbin Sanders
Disc Sanders
Drum Sander
Drum Sander Belts
Wide Belt Sanders
Saw Bench, Table Saw & Panel Saws
Panel Saws
Saw Bench & Table Saw Accessories
Saw Bench & Table Saws
Saw Blades
Scroll Saws & Accessories
Scroll Saw
Scroll Saw Blades
Scroll Saw Accessory Kit
Spindle Moulders & Accessories
Spindle Moulder
Spindle Moulder Accessories
Thicknessers & Accessories
Thicknesser Accessories
Thicknesser Blades
Wet Stone Grinders & Accessories
Wet Stone Grinder
Wet Stone Grinder Accessories
Wood Lathes & Accessories
Wood Lathe Accessories
Wood Lathe Turning Tools
Wood Lathes
Wood Working Vices

Drilling & Reaming Cutting Tools
Broach Cutter Sets
Broach Cutters
Centre Drill Sets
Centre Drills
Counterbore Sets
Countersink Sets
Hole Saw Sets
Jobber Drill Sets
Jobber Drills - Individual
Reamer Sets - Adjustable
Reamers - Adjustable
Sheet Metal Step Drill Set
Taper & Reduced Shank Drill Sets
Taper Shank Drills - Individual
Keyway Broaching Cutters
Keyway Broach Cutters - Individual
Keyway Broach Sets
Lathe Cutting Tools
High Speed Steel - Tool Bits
Inserts - Parting
Inserts - Threading
Inserts - Turning
Parting Blades
Tool Holder - Insert Type - Boring Bars
Tool Holder - Spare Parts
Tool Holders - General Sets
Tool Holders - HSS Type - Boring Bars
Tool Holders - HSS Type - Parting
Tool Holders - HSS Type - Turning
Tool Holders - Insert Type - Boring Kits
Tool Holders - Insert Type - External Threading
Tool Holders - Insert Type - Internal Threading
Tool Holders - Insert Type - Parting Blocks
Tool Holders - Insert Type - Parting Kits
Tool Holders - Insert Type - Threading Kits
Tool Holders - Insert Type - Turning
Tool Holders - Insert Type - Turning Kits
Tool Holders - Knurling Tools
Milling Cutting Tools
Boring Bar Sets
Cutter - Ball Nose - HSS
Cutter - Chamfer Cutter
Cutter - End Mill & Slot Drill - Carbide Tip
Cutter - End Mill Kit - Carbide Tip
Cutter - End Mills HSS
Cutter - Face & End Mill Kits
Cutter - Face Mill Cutter - Super High Rake
Cutter - Face Mill Cutter - Positive Rake
Cutter - Face Mill Cutter with Arbor
Cutter - Inserts
Cutter - Radius Cutter Set - HSS
Cutter - Slot Drill & End Mill Sets
Cutter - Slot Drills HSS
Cutter - T-Slots - HSS
Cutters - Spare Parts
Taps & Dies
Button Dies - Metric, Whitworth & UNC
Hand Tap & Die Sets - Metric or Imperial
Hand Tap & Drill Set
Hand Tap - BSPT
Hand Tap Sets - Metric, Whitworth & UNC

Machine Tool Accessories
Measuring Equipemnt
Workshop Equipment
Lifting Handling