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Green Party of the United States
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7059 Blair Road NW, Suite 104
Postcode: 20012
Town / City: Washington
Postal Address:
7059 Blair Road NW, Suite 104
Postcode: 20012
Town / City: Washington
Prov / State: District of Columbia
Country: United States
1. 51 Government.
2. 39 Associations.

A. Political Reform

B. Political Participation

C. Community

Families and Children
Alternative Community Service
D. Free Speech and Media Reform

E. Foreign Policy

Peace and Disarmament
A Real Road to Peace in the Middle East
Human Rights
Women's Rights
Puerto Rican Independence
F. Domestic Security

G. Demilitarization and Exploration of Space


A. Civil Rights and Equal Rights

Women's Rights
Racial Discrimination
Indigenous Peoples
Justice for Native Hawaiians: Kanaka Maoli
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Rights of the Disabled
Religious Freedom and Secular Equality
Youth Rights
GI and Veterans' Rights
Consumer Protection
B. Environmental Justice

C. Economic Justice

D. Welfare: A Commitment to Ending Poverty

E. Education and the Arts

The Arts
F. Health Care

Universal Health Care
G. Labor

H. Criminal Justice

Alternatives to Incarceration
Prison Conditions, Prisoner Treatment and Parolees
Criminal Justice Reform
I. Population

J. Immigration / Emigration

K. Housing and Homelessness

Renters/Tenants' Rights
Rent Control
Preserve and Increase Affordable Housing Supply
Fair Housing
Measures to Address Homelessness

A. Climate Change

Strong International Climate Treaty
Economic Policy for a Safer Climate
Repay Our Climate Debt
More Efficiency and Conservation
Clean, Green Energy and Jobs
Clean, Green Agriculture
B. Energy

Encourage Conservation and a Significant Decrease in our Energy Consumption, Institute National Energy Efficiency Standards
Move Decisively to an Energy System Based on Solar, Wind, Geo-Thermal, Marine, and other Cleaner Renewable Energy Sources
End the Use of Dirty and Dangerous Energy Sources
Plan for Decentralized, Bio-Regional Electricity Generation and Distribution
De-Carbonize and Re-Localize the Food System
Electrify the Transportation Sysrtem
Requirements for Eneergy Transistion
C. Nuclear Issues

D. Transportation

Pedestrians and Bicyclists
Mass Treansit
Air Travel
E. Zero Waste, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

F. Clean Air / Greenhouse Effect / Ozone Depletion

G. Land Use

Land Ownership and Property Rights
Urban Land Use
Rural Land Use
Public Land Use
H. Water

I. Agriculture

J. Biological Diversity

K. Ethical Treatment of Animals

L. Forestry Practices

M. Ocean Protection


A. Ecological Economics

B. Measuring Economic Progress - Economic Growth and the Steady-State Economy

C. Curbing Corporate Power

D. Livable Income

E. Fair Taxation

Cut Taxes for Wage Workers
Fair Taxes for Corporations and the Wealthy
Eco-Taxes to Help Save the Planet
Taxes for a Better, Healthier USA
F. Local Economic Development

G. Small Business and the Self-Employed

H. Work and Job Creation

I. Banking and Insurance Reform

Banking Reform
Monetary Reform (Greening the Dollar)
Insurance Reform
Broader Financial Industry Reforms
J. Pension Reform

K. Anti-trust Enforcement

L. Advanced Technology and Defense Conversion

A peacetime technology-based economy
Open Source Software
M. National Debt