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Gravitee Developments Ltd
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129 CD Farm Rd
Postcode: 5510
Suburb: RD1
Town / City: Levin
Postal Address:
129 CD Farm Rd
Postcode: 5510
Town / City: Levin
Prov / State: Manawatu-Wanganui
Country: New Zealand
1. 11 Building+Property.
2. 43 Sales to Trade.

Cannot be seen through but still lets light in.
Easy installation instructions included with all frosted films. Also installing videos available on this site.
Most frosting film comes in 1000mm and is bought by the metre.
Our most popular Sandblast film comes in 4 convenient widths of 300mm, 500mm, 1000mm and 1200mm
Great for bathrooms, shower doors, all windows and glass doors, apartments, french doors, adding value to renovations, commercial premises, safety (stop people walking into glass), privacy in garages and shops. Great for privacy in retail and partitioning offices.

Commercial Frosting films
Our window frosting films are the same quality commercial grade films used in the sign and graphics industry.

Other common names used for window frosting
Sand blast effect film, window etch, Etch film, Privacy film, Decorative film, Security film, Dusted film, window tint, window frosting film and glass frosting film.