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Interserve Aotearoa New Zealand
Phone 1: +64 9 630 0981 Phone 2:
Skype: Fax: +64 9 630 0784
Street Address:
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591 Dominion Rd
Suburb: Balmoral
Town / City: Auckland
Postal Address:
PO Box 10244
Dominion Rd
Postcode: 1446
Town / City: Auckland
Prov / State: Auckland
Country: New Zealand
1. 30 Religious.
2. 53 Education + Information.
Keywords:Interserve is an interdenominational mission organisation which seeks to bring Gods love to the people of Asia and the Arab world through word and action.

Our mission Partners use their professional skills, such as medicine, teaching or business, to share the love of Christ with the people with whom they live and work, acting as salt and light in some of the hardest places in Asia and the Arab world. Wherever people are cut off from the Good News by barriers of gender, culture, religion or nationality, Interserve works at bridging the gap.