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Licella Pty Ltd
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Level 3, 90 Mount Street
Town / City: North Sydney
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Town / City: North Sydney
Prov / State: New South Wales
Country: Australia
1. 01 Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, etc.
2. 02 Resource Extraction.
Keywords:Sawdust Into Jet Fuel
Licella has developed a unique technology that can transform any biomass, like sawdust and woody waste, into a Bio-Crude oil; which can be refined into an array of sustainable transport and aviation fuels.

Bio-fuels Are Nothing New

Biofuels are nothing new. Henry Fords Model-T was designed to run on multiple fuel types, including a form of bio-fuel. At The Great Exhibition, the first diesel engine ran on peanut oil. However, the development of cheap oil reserves meant that bio-fuels were quickly eclipsed by readily-available fossil fuels.