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Site Safe, South Island
Phone 1: 03 348 5788 Phone 2:
Skype: Fax: 03 348 4730
Street Address:
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90 Carmen Rd
Postcode: 8042
Suburb: Hornby
Town / City: Christchurch
Postal Address:
PO Box 160 071
Postcode: 8411
Town / City: Christchurch
Prov / State: Canterbury
Country: New Zealand
1. 53 Education + Information.
2. 35 Services-Trade.
Keywords:We assist businesses to improve health and safety culture and practice, and reduce injuries - that's been our goal since 1999. Site Safe is membership based, not-for-profit, and our services cater to the entire construction and related industries. Our nationwide team of health and safety professionals deal directly with helping businesses. We offer safety systems, training, consultancy, audits, resources, information and more.

Site Safe has a nationwide network of trainers. Our trainers have been selected because they are all highly competent with a background in the construction industry and have extensive knowledge of the Health and Safety in Employment Act. Other industry trainers are selected based on their extensive knowledge of workplace health and safety and relevant legislation.

We are also able to develop customised training courses and programmes.