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SnapHire New Zealand
Phone 1: +64-9-366 0348 Phone 2:
Skype: Fax: +64-9-366 0628
Street Address:
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Suburb: Auckland Central
Town / City: Auckland
Postal Address:

Town / City: Auckland
Prov / State: Auckland
Country: New Zealand
1. 34 Services-Professional.
2. 31 Business + Admin.
Keywords:SnapHire is an award-winning web-based talent management system designed specifically for the corporate environment that lets you find, hire and retain the best people for your organisation, and take control of your own recruitment. SnapHire will help you reduce administrative effort, slash time to hire, reduce advertising costs, guarantee robust recruitment processes, operate volume hiring pipelines and hire people directly from your own talent pool.

If you've heard from other suppliers pushing massive, heavyweight, expensive recruitment technology implementations, then you'll find that SnapHire is a bit different. There's no hardware or software to buy, and implementation is fast and easy - and may even be free.