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Society for Promotion of Community Standards
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PO Box 13-683
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Country: New Zealand
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The objects for which the Society is established are:
(a) To encourage self-respect and the dignity of the human person, made in the image of God.
(b) To promote recognition of the sanctity of human life and its preservation in all stages.
(c) To promote wholesome personal values, including strong family life and the benefits of lasting marriage as the foundation for stable communities.
(d) To focus attention on the harmful nature and consequences of sexual promiscuity, obscenity, pornography, violence, fraud, dishonesty in business, expoitation, abuse of alcohol and drugs, and other forms of moral corruption.
(e) To foster public awareness of the benefits to social, economic and moral welfare of the maintenance and promotion of good community standards, including supporting enforcement agencies to uphold such standards as set out in law and encourage constructive debate and discussion in this area.
(f) To support responsible freedom of expression which does not injure the public good by degrading, dehumanising or demeaning individuals or classes of people.
(g) To raise money that wil be used, under the control of the executive, to promote the moral and spiritual welfare of sectors of society that need special help and to advance the charitable objects of the Society (a) to (f).