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Aquaduct NZ Ltd
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914 Maronan Valetta Rd
Postcode: 7700
Town / City: Ashburton
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Town / City: Ashburton
Prov / State: Canterbury
Country: New Zealand
1. 04 Industry+Manufacture.
Keywords:Production & Pipe Sizes
Aquaduct NZ has invested in the very latest high capacity extrusion technology.
Our innovations and production include:
Bulk handling of raw material up to 120 tonnes per day (equals up to 15 semi trailer loads of pipe per day)
High capacity raw material dryers
Co-extrusion systems capable of adding colour coding layers or different material inside
pipes as required
High efficiency die heads with internal cooling
Forced air cooling of the internal surface of the pipe
Ultrasonic monitoring of pipe quality and dimensions
Automated control of wall thickness