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48 Tutanekai St
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Town / City: Auckland
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48 Tutanekai St
Postcode: 1021
Town / City: Auckland
Prov / State: Auckland
Country: New Zealand
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Keywords:Published by Penguin, HOME SEWN tells the story of the home sewn fashion in New Zealand, PLUS is a stunning compendium of ten patterns kindly gifted to the us from the luminaries of the fashion world in New Zealand: Company of Strangers, Cyble, Katie-maree Cole, Lela Jacobs, Papercut, Starfish, TK Store, twenty-seven names, Vaughan Geeson and WORLD.

HOME SEWN is must have for all lovers of New Zealand fashion. Doris de Pont provides riveting chapter on the history and evolution of home sewn fashion in New Zealand. And each of the ten designers shares behind the scene personal stories, many that have never been told before.