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Art Deco Trust
Phone 1: + 64 6 835 0022 Phone 2: 0800 427 833
Skype: Fax: + 64 6 835 1912
Street Address:
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7 Tennyson Street
Town / City: Napier
Postal Address:
PO Box 133
Postcode: 4110
Town / City: Napier
Prov / State: Hawkes's Bay
Country: New Zealand
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Keywords:Napier was destroyed by earthquake and fire in 1931 and rebuilt in the styles of the times. Napiers Spanish Mission, Stripped Classical and above all Art Deco, are all styles that express the confidence, optimism and vigour of the early 20th century.

This unique heritage is passionately protected under the careful governance of Napier's Art Deco Trust.
The Trust Today
The Trust's History

The Trust drives Napiers preservation movement and its volunteer guides interpret this famous city centre for visitors from all over the world. All the guides relate the unique story of Napier, its destruction and rebirth, providing educational entertainment on an enthusiastic and personal level.The Trust has succeeded in: Attracting significant numbers of tourists to Napier from within New Zealand and overseas
Persuading owners that their Art Deco buildings are worthy of preservation
Encouraging the enhancement of a significant number of buildings
Engendering a new pride in the city from it's residents
Making Napier world-famous for its architecture

To help protect Napier heritage, consider becoming a member of the Art Deco Trust or purchasing one of our exclusive publications.