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Aviation Security Service, National Office
Phone 1: +64 4 495-2430 Phone 2: 04 560 9577 media enquiries
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PO Box 2165
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Prov / State: Wellington
Country: New Zealand
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Keywords:In order to fulfil our regulatory mandate, Avsecs aviation security activities consist of four principal programmes:
1.Screening passengers and their carry-on baggage;
2.Screening checked baggage; Airport access controls;
3.Screening of airport workers; and
4.Managing the Airport Identity Card system for restricted areas

Screening passengers and their carry-on baggage

Avsec is responsible for pre-board screening at eight security designated airports. All departing international passengers and their carry-on baggage are screened. All departing domestic passengers and their carry-on baggage are screened where the passenger is travelling on aircraft with seats for 90 or more regular air passengers.

In the screening process, passengers and their carry-on baggage are inspected to ensure that prohibited items such as knives, firearms, incendiary devices, weapons, dangerous goods, explosives, or any other threat items are not carried onto the aircraft. The screening process in the international environment also ensures passengers do not take more than the allowed quantity of liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) into the cabin of the aircraft.

Screening checked baggage

Utilising sophisticated explosive detection system equipment, Avsec screens all checked passenger baggage at international airports for threat items.

Airport access controls

Avsec undertakes perimeter patrols at all security designated aerodromes, together with guarding of aircraft and aircraft searches, to ensure the prompt interception of persons unlawfully in security areas and to increase safety for the flying public.

Screening of airport workers

Screening of airport workers with access to, and within security enhanced areas. This function commenced on 31 March 2008.

Managing the Airport Identity Card system for restricted areas

Avsec manages and issues Airport Identity Cards, including, by delegation from the Director of Civil Aviation, the government security check process.