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Allproof Industries, Christchurch
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Skype: Fax: +64 3 381 0764
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64 Falsgrave St,
Postcode: 8011
Suburb: Waltham,
Town / City: Christchurch
Postal Address:

Town / City: Christchurch
Prov / State: Canterbury
Country: New Zealand
1. 11 Building+Property.
2. 43 Sales Trade.
Complete drainage systems for roof, balcony, interior and exterior surface drainage on residential and commercial projects.

Tile Floor Wastes
Interior floor wastes for tile finishes. Shower channels, puddle flange, floor waste kits and point drain grate options.

Vinyl Floor Wastes
Interior floor wastes for vinyl floors. Channels, flanges, kits and grate options.

Exterior Channel Drain Systems
Drainage systems for external applications. Channel strip drains and sumps for residential and commercial use including polymer concrete channels, plastic channels, strip drains and slot drains.

Level Threshold
Level entry drainage systems for residential and commercial situations.

Commercial Point Drains
Point drains for all commercial applications- Internal, external, street and carpark for all surface finishes.

Exterior drainage pits and sumps.

Roof / Balcony Drains
Roof and balcony drainage systems for application methods.

Commercial Kitchen
Drainage solutions for commercial kitchens, food prep areas, factories and bottling plants.

Cleanouts for all surface finishes.

Podium Drains
Podium drains for tile jack and planter applications.

Plastic Fittings
Plastic fittings such as bends, gullys, junctions, flanges and sud valves.

Security Drains
Drainage solutions for institutional and security conscious areas.

Pool Grates
Perimeter drainage solutions for swimming pools.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel manufactured products products and custom solutions.

Passive Fire Protection
Low Profile Fire Collars
Fire Wraps
Drop In Fire Collar
Cast-In Fire Collars
Low Cast-In Collars
CIFC & CIFCL Floor Waste Kits
Fire Band
Fire Plate

Acoustic Pipe Insulation
Sound proofing materials for service pipes.

Thermal Pipe Insulation
Thermal insulation for service pipes.