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IceTech New Zealand
Phone 1: +64 6 327 7679 Phone 2: 027 253 7154
Skype: Fax: +64 6 327 6501
Street Address:
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170 Broadway
Postcode: 4710
Town / City: Marton
Postal Address:
170 BroadwayrnMarton
Postcode: 4710
Town / City: Marton
Prov / State: Bay of Plenty
Country: New Zealand
1. 35 Services-Trade.
2. 04 Industry+Manufacture.
Keywords:Fast and effective cleaningrnDry ice blasting systems have extremely high cleaning speeds, and even normally inaccessible parts can be rapidly cleaned using the wide range of nozzles available. Blasting material residues do not becomes trapped in every nook and cranny, and no detergent or blasting material is left on chains and drives. Dry ice blasting is ideal for cleaning machinery, electrical installations, electro-mechanical equipment, surfaces and moulds.rnrn"dry ice blasting has a signifcant number of advantages over other cleaning methods"rnCO2rn