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Caboose at Blyth Boathouse Restaurant
Phone 1: 1670 359 851 Phone 2:
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Street Address:
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Quay Rd, North East
Postcode: NE24 3PA
Suburb: Northumberland
Town / City: Blyth
Postal Address:
Quay Rd, North East
Postcode: NE24 3PA
Town / City: Blyth
Prov / State: London city
Country: United Kingdom
1. 26 Food+Drink.
2. 36 Services- Personal.
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At Caboose, we take extreme pride in calling ourselves a family-run cafe. We’re located at one of the most exquisite places, Blyth Boathouse in Blyth, Northumberland. At Caboose, we aim to present a modern twist to traditional dishes. We use fresh and local produce in our recipes to deliver the best quality possible. We have structured our restaurant at Blyth in two divisions: The Deck and The Launch. If you’re still confused with the daunting task of choosing the best restaurant near you, have a look at our extraordinary menu and serene ambience and decide for yourself! See you on our deck soon!