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Earth Catering
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1 Southview, Runcton, United Kingdom
Postcode: PO20 1PP
Suburb: West Sussex
Town / City: Chichester
Postal Address:
1 Southview, Runcton, United Kingdom
Postcode: PO20 1PP
Town / City: Chichester
Prov / State: London city
Country: United Kingdom
1. 26 Food+Drink.
2. 36 Services- Personal.
3. 46 Events.
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What makes Earth Catering a superior pick for your wedding day is our promise of crafting a bespoke menu for your big day which speaks volumes of your eye for perfectionists. We source all our raw materials directly from the farm, ensuring that everything served to you and your guests are fresh and irresistible. Our team of creative and skilled chefs are trained to deliver results beyond compare. From unique cocktails and lip-smacking 5-course meal to heart-warming desserts, we gladly walk the extra mile to exact client satisfaction. For a free quote or any query, feel free to call us today.