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GEA Colby Pty Ltd
Phone 1: +61 2 9932 2811 Phone 2:
Skype: Fax: +61 2 9932 28011
Street Address:
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328 High St

Town / City: Chatswood
Postal Address:

Postcode: 3027
Town / City: Chatswood
Prov / State: New South Wales
Country: Australia
1. 04 Industry+Manufacture.
2. 26 Food+Drink.
3. 35 Services-Trade.
Keywords:Powder handling, Retail filing, After sales, Sapac bulk filing.
The industries we serve are:
Dairy Powder producers
Infant Formula manufacturers
Dried Baby Food and Cereal manufacturers
Nutritional Powder makers
Flavours and Blended food powders
Coffee Powders and granules
General powdered food products

After Market
VMS Program
Filling Lines
MAP Systems
Powder Handling
Bag Emptying Systems
Components Powder Handling
Powder Sampler
Loss in Weight Feeder
Spoon Dispensers
Coffee Filler
Indexing Cup Filler
Rotary Continuous Filler
Rotary Continuous Filler RCF 10
Rotary Indexing Filler
Single Head Filler IFS-30G
Vacuum Filler ICF-4V