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National Party
Phone 1: 0800 255 266 Phone 2:
Skype: Fax: 0800 255 277
Street Address:
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Level 2
262 Thorndon Quay
Town / City: Wellington
Postal Address:

Town / City: Wellington
Prov / State: Wellington
Country: New Zealand
1. 51 Government.
Keywords:The New Zealand National Party, Political party

National's Vision For New Zealand

The National Party seeks a safe, prosperous and successful New Zealand that creates opportunities for all New Zealanders to reach their personal goals and dreams.

We believe this will be achieved by building a society based on the following values:
Loyalty to our country, its democratic principles and our Sovereign as Head of State
National and personal security
Equal citizenship and equal opportunity
Individual freedom and choice
Personal responsibility
Competitive enterprise and rewards for achievement
Limited government
Strong families and caring communities
Sustainable development of our environment