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United Future
Phone 1: 04 478 0076 Phone 2: 04 560 4773
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Johnsonville Community Centre
3 Frankmoore Ave
Suburb: Johnsonville
Town / City: Wellington
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Town / City: Wellington
Prov / State: Wellington
Country: New Zealand
1. 51 Government.
Keywords:Political party

United Future is a modern centre party, focused on New Zealand's best interests. We promote strong families and vibrant communities. We seek a fair, and open society, free from poverty, ignorance and prejudice, and based on innovation, self-reliance, justice and integrity in business and personal dealings.

We promote a sustainable environment, and a competitive economy which encourages growth, prosperity, ownership and opportunity through market policies where possible, and government where necessary.

We want all New Zealanders, whatever their background, race or creed, to have the chance to enjoy everything that is good in our country.