Frequently asked Questions


Who can be on Liztid™?
Any organisationbusiness, company, association, government department, school, sports club, church, group, etc should be on Liztid™.  If your organisation provides goods or services to others, then it should be on Liztid™, so that people can find you.  A business, a class or a group organised by an individual should be on Liztid™.  The organisation does not need to be a legal organisation.
Most organisations will have a listing for each branch, office or division. This will allow people to go straight to the right contact.  You can instantly update these yourself.

What does it cost?
It is FREE for an organisation to be on Liztid™ (half page listing).  
See below if you want to show more information (full page listing) and have your own web page.  

How do I show more information?
If you would like a full page display with fields for location map, photos and more information, go to your listing and click "edit". Display options (and costs for the upgrade) are shown there. You can put the web address on your organisation's documentation.  See
For a professionally prepared web page go to, or

How do I modify a listing?
The listing administrator can modify/ update it at any time.  Just go to the listing and click "edit".

What organisations should NOT be on Liztid™?
An individual person should not be liztid.  Organisations promoting illegal activities are not suitable.  Liztid is a family friendly site and so pornography and adult rated material and organisations are not suitable.  For guidelines on what is acceptable see  Liztid will have the final say on what is acceptable.

Who can add an organisation?
Anyone can add a listing.  Just click on "add a listing".  You do not need to register, an Admin Email contact is required for administration, eg to send you a password.   Once an organisation has been moderated, then its details are visible to everyone. 


I have found something unacceptable.
If you find something that is not appropriate to be on Lizitd™.  Please send details to problem at  Thank you for your help in keeping this a good website.

I can't change my records details.
You need the your Admin Email contact and Password to change a listing.

I should be a site's administrator, but don't have the login and password.
Email the address shown on the site, they may have them.  Phone the number in the record, that person may know.
If you think someone outside your organisation has your Admin Email contact and Password, email problem at with explanation of the problem and correct contact details.  This may take some time to to verify the correct administrator's details.

I have forgotten my password.
Go to your listing, click "edit" and follow the instructions.  The Password will be sent to the listing's Admin Email address.

What is the country or region for?
This reduces your search to the area that is shown, so that you do not get results that are from outside the area you want.
Select the country and region where you want to look. 

You can use the advanced search option to look by area code, street or other more specific details.

How do I use categories
Click on the categories button.  Then select the category that you want along with the country and region.
This can also be used on the advanced search page.