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For items not covered below see;
Apx3 Site Work NOTES;
Apx9 CONTENTS, Legend, etc;

Fonterra Takanini; Meccano CONTACTS

===== For Services and Suppliers, refer Apx Eng; PROFESSIONALS Apx Eng; SERVICES Apx Eng; SUPPLIERS

Fonterra's Health & Safety Vision
We value human life above all else and manage risk accordingly
We always place our safety values above profit or productivity
We demand leaders at all levels to be safety role models
We regard repeat incidents as evidence of an out of control operation
We live safety

The vision for Health and Safety within Fonterra is: Better Health, Better Safety, Better You!

1.2 Fonterra Takanini Visitors
Visitors (ie not site inducted) must;
* have hi viz
* closed, low, flat shoes
* safety glasses for many areas of site
* Sign in at reception (Whitehouse)
* be accompanied during whole time on site, ie host will collect visitor from reception
- may be required to sign in with host (if visiting a contractor) and complete their induction
* complete area induction when visiting some areas. Host will advise which areas
* discuss with host re emergency procedures
* discuss with host re toilets, café, etc

- site speed limit is 15 kph

=== Host to book in a visitor for site, you will have to let security know:
- Name of person.
- Company they are working for.
- Contact number of visitor.
- Car registration.
- Time arriving and leaving site.
So we can book them into a visitors carpark (6 only)
Fonterra staff visiting from other site will not be permitted a visitors park and will have to park offsite and walk in.

===== Other
Chewing gum is not permitted on site
Spitting is not permitted on site
Do not drop rubbish (use a bin). Please put rubbish you find in a bin

1.3 Fonterra Takanini Expectations
**3M FTi Contractor Site Expectations
Expectations for Contractors working on Site.

Competence of Workers
Contractors to be appropriately trained and experienced for the task at hand. Contractors shall:
• Be inducted to site and follow and carry proof of induction with them while on site.
• Adhere to the site permit to work system.
• Provide proof of relevant qualifications for the tasks to be undertaken on site.
• Have training in the Red Line training procedures and follow the red line requirements on site.
• Ensure electrical and lifting equipment has current certification.

HAZARD Identification and Communication.
Contractors need to work with the project/task coordinator to identify HAZARDs to people, plant and environment before work is commenced on site. The following is expected:
• To register on arrival with Security and Sign in to the site contractor register. Security need to have written acknowledgement to expect visitors and contractors.
• Provide a Method statement and risk assessment / Job Safety Analysis
• Communicate and discuss these hazards and safe guards with the permit issuer.
• Stop work and advise permit issuer of new HAZARD that affect the work being taken.
• If agreed Method Statement / Job Safety Analysis needs to be changed document changes and discuss if new HAZARDs are presented with the permit issuer.
• Hold Toolbox meetings every morning or before work starts to check if anything has changed from prior hazard assessments.
• Install signage around work area to communicate HAZARDs to local personnel.
• Assist Project/Task manager or coordinator with the Project Work Plan to accurately advise factory operations timing and activities, particularly for a planned shut.
• Attend site shut meetings if required.

2 Emergency, Incident Reporting & First Aid
Call 111 OR 1-111, if ambulance or fire service reqd
- location is Fonterra Brands NZ, 6 Una St, Takanini
Site emergency alarm (Fire, earthquake, etc)
Gases; check windsock and move across wind
- Chlorine (heavier than air, so stay away from low levels)
- Ammonia (lighter than air)
Assembly areas- main carpark

For projects call Project Manager or Stewart Telford, m 021 640 798 or Tamara Belevich, m 022 643 7780

Damages to Services or Buildings; Ian Hamilton, m 027 807 5514
HSE incident; Mel Pana, m 021 030 2826
Food Safety or Quality incident; Yuan Watkins, m 027 406 5711
Disruption to production; Brendon Hurst, m 027 598 6562
Incident Assessment Team Coordinator; Mel Pana, m 021 0302826 or Henry Martin, m 027 541 6685

Incident reporting: Fonterra contact or PTW issuer, (for entering in First Priority)
First aid in café and reception

4 To work at Fonterra Takanini you need
===== New Contractors
* Impac Prequal; (A client led, fully outsourced, pan-industry contractor prequalification scheme.)
OR Health and Safety questionnaire (copy available on request),
OR ACC WSMP (Workplace Safety Management Practices) cert, xx level

* To be entered into Sap as vendors
* Purchase Order (and contract)

* A person who has done the Permit receiver's course (must be on site whenever there is work). Courses by Safety n Action or Fonterra (Contact Mel Pana)

* All workers to complete; Site Inductions (s112K2) and appropriate Area inductions (s112K2)

Depending on the work, the following will be reqd:
_ Work method statement (WMS) and Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
_ Risk Analysis

(Check with FBNZ Contact re site experienced sub contractors)

Safety ‘n Action, Highbrook0800 222 388 14 Ross Reid Place Auckland
   AUK, NZ
PTW Receiver Training;
Unit std: 17602,00497; Risk Management
Unit Std; 17588 Permit Receiver- SWS
4.1 Site work planning (incl High Risk)
Take 2 mins= Detect; needs hazards, risks, QA. Do: better, safer, others know

New Contractor:
CPNZ > 60%; * update during and post works
(or HSE plan approved by Nicky Harcombe)

===== High Risk Tasks
= Definition
Confined space
Crane lift - includes Lifting appliances, Hoisting and Rigging
Hot work (If the task requires a Managers sign off)
Excavation(150mm and greater)
Work Safe notifiable
Working at height
Working with high voltage
Asbestos removal
Working on live equipment
Initial Risk score of 14 and above (contractors only)

= High Risk to BAU
Emergency alarm system shut
Sprinkler shut
Erecting scaffold
Steam/ Water boiler shut
Chilling/ Cooling Systems shut
Access/ Road way changes
CIP shut
MCC shut
Filler/Packer/Operations equipment shuts

= Relevant Documents
Detailed information on work scope
A7 approved Form (for chemicals)
Pre written Permit to work
Site Induction information
Isolations Certificate
Fire impairment cert
Notifiable work sign off and Notification number from Work Safe
High Risk Certificate
SOPs – permanent contractors

Before starting have
- Contract & PO (SOW)
- Drawings and specification
- Timeline
- Tie in schedule
- Lift plan

RA; Pre Construction Risk Assessment (Risk Review)
Timing; when plans are near complete, but with time to make changes if needed before go ahead.
SSP; Pre construction Site Safety Plan & review

Notifiable works by Contractor, cc to Principal and Engineer

ApxY3.1f01 PROJ Admin
ApxY3.1f01 Proj Admin--app2 Subbies
ApxM8f06 Site Work NOTES--appW Elect Equip

Close out
As builts
ITP documents

20Bi Fonterra Takanini SITE INDUCTIONS
**^ PK FTi Contractor Induction Procedure 22 Feb 17

Below is the current procedure for completing contractor H&S inductions at Takanini Site.
1. Contractor site inductions are held at 7.45am every Monday and Friday morning in the Mammoth meeting room located in the main administration building.
2. Spaces are limited to 20 people per week and therefore contractors must pre-book their attendance by:
.a. Email:
.b. Phone: (09) 295 2702
3. Contractors are to park their vehicles offsite.
4. Contractors must assemble outside the security gate no later than 7.35am. Contractors will be escorted onsite by the appointed FBNZ staff member at 7.40am and taken to the Mammoth meeting room. Any contractor arriving after 7.40am will not be admitted into the induction session.
5. Site induction cards will be issued within seven working days and are to be collected by the contractor from site reception.

Every contractor must have a valid site induction card to gain entry to site which must be carried with you at all times whilst on site.

- BOOK EARLY these are popular
- As a minimum, Hi Viz Vests and closed, low, flat footwear must be worn.
- Many areas also require safety glasses
- site speed limit is 15 kph

===== Note there further inductions if you need to go inside a factory, warehouse exc.
Redline induction- FOODS (ladies):, (men)

Redline induction- BEVERAGES; 1st contact;, m +64 21 242 6817
backup;, m +64 27 702 9602

Redline induction- UHT;, m +64 21 242 6817, m +64 27 4046907

Redline induction- COOLROOM LANDING;

Area induction- WAREHOUSE;, m 027 504 8843
Contractors operating in the Materials warehouse (i.e. any of the 7 warehouses, the container yard, the FLA or the pallet yard) are required to complete our department induction. Complete the questionnaire and hand/ email the completed form in to John Kani, Sila or Team Leaders

85H Deliveries to Fonterra Takanini
* .review Apx3 s85H;

^ PH Truck Rejection Criteria Version 2.pdf
^ PH Truck Schedule letter V1.pdf

=== Courier packages to:
Main Reception, Fonterra Takanini, Una St , Takanini, Auckland
=== Larger packages to:
Inward Goods, Fonterra Takanini, Una St , Takanini, Auckland
- Containers and special shipments; notify security of expected arrival time and site contact (name and ph #)

===== Packing
All equipment and materials shall be packaged suitable for freighting, put on truck suitable for safe transport and SAFE UNLOADING on site.
- Lifting lugs, fork lift or lifting points to be clearly marked, so equipment is not damaged when unloading.
- Supplier shall check with Client if machinery is available on site for unloading (forklifts, etc).

===== As this is a large site with many people on site, all deliveries to include:
- Name of recipient
- Ph number of recipient
- Company Recipient works for
- PO number
# packages without name and ph number are likely to be rejected

85.1H Crane lifts
Checklist at;

=== Fonterra Takanini; LIFT PLAN reqd (in addition to SWMS);
if Load > 75 % of crane SWL at load radius
Engineer's or Specialist sign off reqd; if Load > 75 % of SWL OR HIGH risk

112K2 Access card
*^ PBa Swipe Card Application

130M Concrete cutting
170608+Nicky H;
Need to use a face shield when they use a concrete saw

130M Contractor Compound
180511-& Hi Stewart,
=== Rules are Rules for Contractor Compound
Here is the brief that Mel and myself have agreed upon for the contractor village area.
Contractors to:
- manage their own staff and visitors in the village
- provide, maintain and secure their own work tools and equipment
- keep work area clean and tidy
- provide their own staff facilities provide their own first aiders and first aid equipment
- provide their own fire extinguishers and equipment for hot work. Hot work only to be within the designated work area *in between the containers and immediately in front of containers. Fire extinguishers and screens must be present
- notify Worksafe and manage any notifiable work
- have their own emergency procedures (assembly area is by sign by the gate)

Contractors not to:
- allow staff, visitors or vehicles to block Una St any more than necessary, for loading or unloading
- cause disruptions to FBNZ or other neighbours

Contractors do need a FBNZ PTW for all high risk activities, except for hot works in a designated hot work area*
A COC is to be provided to FBNZ Senior Electrical Engineer for all electrical work

[1] Workers and visitors do not need a site induction (as they cannot access site or work areas)
[2] Inducted Staff can use FBNZ café and facilities.
If visitors come on site they must have a site induction or be accompanied 100 % of the time. This includes for the WC and cafeteria.

130M Permit to Work
A PTW Issuer must be on site while work is being completed.
Normal hours when PTW Issuers are on site is Mon to Fri, 7.00 am to 4.00 pm. Special arrangements must be made for work outside these hours

180228+AC === The Global PTW Procedures Manual states;

Section 4.2 Task & Hazard Analysis
The Permit Receiver shall complete the hazard identification and job taks analysis ... before a permit can be issued. The Permit issuer shall identify any plant hazards that may impact...

Section 4.6 Revalidation
- Prior to recommencing work, the permit must be revalidated
- Revalidation requires the Permit Issuer and Permit Receiver sign... the Issuer and Receiver shall check the integrity of all isolations, ensure that conditions have not changed ... no new hazards... This is particularly important if the permit has been suspended for a period of time.
- ... Issuer or Designate shall inspect the worksite to ensure the site is safe... Issuer shall sign worksite inspected section.
- ... revalidated upon the change of the Permit Issuer or Permit Receiver. ... incoming need to be briefed...
- The permit can be revalidated up to seven times
- There is no 'expiry' date... revalidation at the discretion of ... Issuer

# key; shall inspect the worksite (ensure the site is safe) by PMs, Site Supervisor or Issuer Designate inspecting the worksite daily prior to the permit being revalidated

===== Proj Mgr or Constr Mgr sign off
The change: Project manager or Construction manager’s sign off is required to open permits regardless of PAS score.
This is in addition to Fonterra Manager’s sign off for hot work permits with a PAS of 10 or greater, and all other permits with a PAS of 16 or greater.
Effective: 01/08/2018

130M Work practices
1 Permit to work required for ALL work. Go to PTW office near Una St entrance
2 Intrusive maintenance and work requires a PTW
3 Isolation and lockout; site procedure must be followed
4 Hazardous substances; site procedures must be followed for new or existing substances. MSDS required for all chemicals. Chemical to be approved at PTW office
5 Electrical tools must have current electrical tags
6 Sanitise all tools and part prior to entering Critical Hygiene Ares
7 Account for ALL your equipment and parts. We do not want foreign matter in the food. If in doubt REPORT immediately
8 Guarding, do not tamper or remove
9 Report hazards to site contact or PTW issuer

Food Safety practice must be followed as per site induction
Zero tolerance for workers under influence of drugs and alcohol
Modified hand tools can be brought onto site, without approval by Eng Mgr

Use power saws, NOT grinders on poly panels (due to the fire risk)
Face mask and safety glasses must be worm when using grinders

135M5 Asbestos

_ 1 Test for asbestos
_ 2 Management plan for removal and disposal (incl Worksafe notification)
_ 3 Certification that asbestos removed/ area safe
_ 4 Weighbridge docket showing disposal

Any new Asbestos to be recorded in Asbestos register (whether or not removed)
Copy 1 to 4 above to project folder and Mel Pana, H&S manager for record keeping

170Q Eng Codes and Standards
GES & FES: available at

NZ Law;
Worksafe; was Dept of Labour, OSH
NZ Building Code;

Standards NZ;

240X Contractural
Fonterra T&C;

240X Insurances
To work on site the following is needed (see PM101):
Valid insurance is required by the contractor signing the contract until the end of the defects period. It is our responsibility to ensure we have a valid copy of their insurance on file.

$10 M Public Liability
_ Contractors Plant insurance
_ Professional Indemnity Insurance
_ Motor Vehicle insurance

250Y Documentation
An ecopy of all docs is required.
We only need hard copies of documents that are supplied to the council for the CCC
I assume that we will get the hard copy of the consent back as well
A draft list of the docs before, can minimise the preparation

to be sorted
Worksafe NZ, National Office+64 4 897 7699 3rd Floor, Unisys House
56 The Terrace
   WGN, NZ